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Technology Crest Corp. ("TCrest") is an innovative technology solution provider. Our strategic solution model is proven, efficient and offers the best return on investment in the industry. We endeavor to consistently attract superior professionals and create tactical solutions to the engineering industry worldwide.

TCrest has been providing project based offerings to small, medium and Fortune 500 companies and works closely with clients to provide quality service for all phases of Information Technology, Engineering solution, and Software Development. Our solutions experts can help you with Enterprise Application Integration, Business Process Reengineering, System Integration, Web-enable applications, Inventory Control, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and Cyber Security.

TCrest provides you with enterprise solutions that close the gap between companies technical capabilities and business objectives. We bring to you proven and time tested solution base to assemble applications, delivering robust frameworks and make them available to a large spectrum of people across platforms.

Our strategic partnerships helps you leverage some of the best technologies available to rapidly deploy complex customized business solutions.

TCrest is a direct CMAS vendor to State of Califonia. California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) are supplier agreements based upon an existing Federal GSA or other approved multiple award contracts. CMAS offers a wide variety of commodity and information technology products at prices that have been assessed to be fair, reasonable, and competitive. The use of this contract is optional and is only available to state government entities and public educational institutions in California. TCrest also provide service as a federal subcontractor to various agencies.  

TCrest is a direct MSA (Master Service Agreement) - 5-10-70-105 to State of CA.

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