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This is a fundamental initiative to change the way in which the power cycle works from generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.
The nascent ideas are beginning to set forth the next generation technology that will minimize the dissipation, increase the efficiency and decrease the dependency on oil. There is more than enough energy in the nature that can be harnessed and distributed.  TCrest is teaming with various universities, private and public sector agencies to be a part of this emerging technology. The potential in this sector is huge since it is a win-win solution for the consumers and the producers. The government is investing on the future of the country in long term projects, TCrest is poised to work with the industry leaders to research, provide guidance, standards and recommended infrastructure solutions.

Smart Grid

There is a major effort underway in many countries (e.g., US, Europe, and China) to make the electric grid flatten the peaks and valleys in the 24-hour cycle of consumption. The cost of supplying electricity during the peak hours is both expensive and “dirty” because the most inefficient generators (e.g., old coal-fired plants) are used during these periods. The deployment of smart-meters at the point of consumption is an enabler to implement a variety of solutions commonly called Demand-Management. TCrest is well plugged-in on many of the solutions and associated business opportunities in this domain.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Electric and hybrid vehicles are rapidly coming on our roads. As a result, there are several new business opportunities popping up. TCrest has a relationship with one of the leading producers of electric charging stations. These charging stations can be exported to India if a critical mass project can be found.