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Amazon Web Services is the platform for the enterprise and the cloud. It enables enterprises to create and run agile, intelligent business applications while maximizing IT efficiency through full utilization of modern hardware and software architectures.

Developed specifically for midsize companies, SAP® Business All-in-One solutions reduce the effort, cost, time, and complexity associated with implementing a world-class business management solution. The software lets you deploy core enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and business intelligence functionality. It also allows you to leverage the best practices of industry leaders – all at an affordable fixed price on a platform your business will not outgrow.

TCrest has several years of experience in packing the right solution from the various enterprise and cloud suite of products from Oracle including the following:
  • Exalogic
  • Data Integration
  • Business Process Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Identity and Access Management (EIdAM)
  • Cloud Application Foundation
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • WebCenter
  • Development Tools
Technology Crest Corporation provides cloud migration services for the Enterprise Applications with the following phased approach. Gathering the requirements, assessment, planning, migrations, and operations.

Cloud Services provide you with:
• Hosting support for Public, Private or Hybrid cloud on AWS
• Manage the licenses
• Provide high availability
• Automated scaling
• Manage multiple environments including Development, Test, and Production
• System monitoring, notifications, etc.
• Database maintenance, back-up, and retention services
• Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery (DR) Services
• Compliance for regulated customers such as HIPAA, PHI, PCI and PII

Technology Crest has provided cloud services to ANID INFOSOFT LLC. http://anidinfosoft.com/

Anid Infosoft is a global provider of innovative consulting, technology, project Management and outsourcing services. Anid infosoft specializes in ERP solutions among Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP and related software technologies. Technology Crest Corporation has assisted Anid Infosoft in migrating the modules of the application from on-prem to cloud based solutions. Reference – http://anidinfosoft.com/erp.html

Security is enhanced using components such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Logical Separation. Scalability is achieved using On demand computing, and High Availability Architecture.

Technology Crest Cloud Services:

  • Cloud strategy: Technology Crest expertise in developing and implementing cloud strategy for your organization. If you already have a cloud strategy we will review and mature it.
  • Cloud migration: We will help to migrate your on-premise infrastructure to cloud native solutions and reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Cloud infrastructure: We build right cloud solutions for your organization. AWS Well-Architected Framework is our core. We help in building the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure to enable digital innovations.
  • Cloud-native: Focus on your business not in managing human resources. We implement micro services and cloud native architectures to optimize automation to it’s maximum extent.
  • Cloud implementation: We offer our services to implement cloud solutions
  • Infrastructure as a Service,
  • Platform as a Service, and
  • Software as a Service.
  • Cloud managed services: If you are already in cloud we offer competitive and cost effective services to add new features, manage existing services with continuous improvement and competitive edge.
  • Cloud Data Services: Internet Of Things (OIT), Data Analytics, Big Data Services, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Extract Transform and Load (ETL/ELT), Set up data pipe lines, Realtime and batch.

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