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California Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS)

DHCS provides the health care for millions of low-income, retired, and disabled Californians. They fund health care services for about 13 million Medi-Cal beneficiaries. DHCS invest more than $100 billion for the care of low-income families, children, pregnant women, seniors, and persons with disabilities.

Visit About Us | DHCS (ca.gov) to read more. 


  • Developed a high level roadmap for deployment of Blue Button Project IdAM and up to three other DHCS applications, and in support of MITA and the seven conditions and standards. Roadmap must include estimated timeframes, staffing needs, and software/hardware costs.                           
  • Documented the business, technical, security, and privacy requirements for an enterprise Identity and Access Management (IdAM) infrastructure, the Blue Button Project and all other DHCS systems, which fall under MITA and the seven conditions and standards
  • Assessed developed and documented IdAM infrastructure business, technical, security, and privacy requirements.
  •   Developed a design for the DHCS IdAM infrastructure, based upon the identified requirements and MITA. The design must include high availability, disaster recovery, performance, federation, and necessary interdependencies. 
  •  Ensured the design supports Federated Identity Management. 
  • Assisted DHCS’ staff with lab based proof of concept testing of up to three IdAM products and development of scoring. 

Value Added

The California Department of Healthcare Services enjoyed a greater and safer technological experience thanks to Technology Crest Corporation. Additionally, people who use the DHCS can take comfort in knowing that they can download secure health records from the comfort of their own home as signified by the Blue Button on the site page.