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Course dates / time    02/09/2022  –  02/10/2022

8:15AM   –   4:30PM Tuition : $ 1295

Presented by TRAINING & EDUCATION CENTER Status: Open


Course Length: 2 Days

Instructor: New Horizons


This course teaches Scrum practices to anyone involved in a project. It educates participants on Scrum processes to follow and how to clear impediments for the team.


This certification is appropriate for anyone who is interested in working as a Scrum Master or for someone who is already a Scrum master in their organization. Scrum Master is an important role in any Scrum team and need not be a technology expert to be effective. Moreover, although Scrum is popular in the IT industry, it can be used effectively across different industries. The SBOK Guide, on which the SMC course is based, can be used as an effective guide for implementation.


1 – Introduction

•  Course Objectives

•  Course Methodology

•  Certification Schema

•  Exam Format

2 – Overview of Agile

•  Agile Manifesto

•  Agile Principles

•  What has Changed

•  Agile Methods

3 – Overview of Scrum

•  Definition and brief history of Scrum

•  Why Scrum

•  Scrum vs. Traditional Project Management

•  Benefits of Scrum

4 – Overview of a Guide to Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOK) 

•  Framework of the SBOK™ Guide

•  Who uses the SBOK™ Guide

•  How to use the SBOK™ Guide

•  Scrum Flow


•  Empirical Process Control

•  Self-organization

•  Collaboration

•  Value-based Prioritization

•  Time-boxing

•  Iterative Development

6 – Scrum Aspects

•  Organization

•  Business Justification

•  Quality

•  Change

•  Risk

7 – Scrum Phases and Processes

•  Initiate

•  Plan and Estimate

•  Implement

•  Review and Retrospect

•  Release

8 – Scaling Scrum

•  Scaling Scrum for Large Projects

•  Scaling Scrum for the Enterprise

9 – Transition to Scrum

•  Map

*Successful candidates will be awarded the Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) certification by SCRUMstudy after passing the included certification exam. The certification exam voucher is included in this course so you can take the exam at your convenience.

Please request this course through your enrollment process.

Nemanja Kovacevic


Nemanja Kovacevic