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Course dates / time    02/23/2022  –  02/23/2022

8:15AM   –   4:00PM Tuition : $ 400

Presented by TRAINING & EDUCATION CENTER Status: Open


Course Length: 1 Day

Instructor:  Offered by the Disability Access Services of the Department of Rehabilitation


This class teaches seven basic principles to create accessible content in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. This class will cover the basic steps in the creation of accessible documents and simple forms in Microsoft Office. This class includes the basic accessibility features built into Microsoft Office 2016. Some pros and cons of each format will be discussed. Utilizing the principles learned in this class will help ensure that electronic content is accessible to employees, reviewers, stakeholders, and customers with disabilities and usable by persons who utilize assistive technologies. This class is a mixture of lecture and hands-on training with a computer.

Intended Audience:

This class is not intended for new Microsoft Office users. This class is recommended for anyone that creates, reviews or distributes electronic content. The information taught in this class is specific to the accessibility features within the software.

Additional Training:

Staff who create, modify, and distribute organizational forms in Adobe PDF format may register concurrently for Web Accessibility: Accessible PDF Documents 2.1.


As a result of attending this class, participants will be able to:

– Understand the seven basic principles required to create accessible documents and simple forms

– Recognize assistive technology as a means to navigate electronic documents

– Create documents that are accessible to employees, stakeholders, and customers with disabilities

– Use the basic features in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook to generate accessible documents and simple forms

– Utilize online resources for ensuring electronic documents are accessible at any stage in the development of the document

– Test accessibility of MS Office documents and simple forms

System Requirements:

– The Blackboard Ultra platform is browser based and only supports the most recent two releases of the following desktop browsers: Google Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Software Requirements:

Every attendee will need the following software downloaded and working on their system:

– Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

– Color Contrast Analyzer

-Screen Reader (NVDA)

Recommendation: Although it is not necessary, it may be helpful to have two monitors available so that you can have the presentation on one screen and exercises on the other.

Please request this course through your enrollment process.

Nemanja Kovacevic


Nemanja Kovacevic